What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an award-winning skin resurfacing treatment that is known to be very relaxing and cleansing, which makes it perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. It doesn’t only exfoliate the skin, but can also improve circulation and hydrate it. Furthermore, this treatment encourages collagen production, which is ideal for anti-ageing effects. HydraFacial is a suitable treatment for all skin types and concerns.

What are the benefits of HydraFacial?

  • Long-term effects.
  • Healthier and more evenly toned skin.
  • Results in reduced pores.
  • Smooth effect with improved acne and aged skin.
  • Quickly visible results.
  • No recovery time is required.
  • Beneficial for both men and women.

Is HydraFacial safe?

HydraFacial is a natural process based on water cleansing. It is a safe and relaxing regime.

How does HydraFacial work?

HydraFacial is a skin care routine based on 7 steps that focus on in-depth cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation and lifting. It is a successful combination of hydrabrasion, infusion, ultrasound and bipolar RF methods that allows you to gain satisfactory results after just one treatment. Original procedures and selected active preparations by the Beauty Laser Clinic practitioner will make your skin radiant, healthy and firm.


  1. Removal of free radicals. – Hydrogen purification.

Free radicals cause premature skin ageing. Therefore, the first step in any proper skin care routine should be the neutralization of these. The device, for such, uses an active hydrogen hydrabrasion head. Reactive forms of oxygen bind with hydrogen ions, producing water and pure oxygen. The increased pressure creates hydrogen bubbles that take action on the skin. Hydrogen is a small and light element, therefore it is easily able to penetrate deep into the skin, where it transforms harmful free radicals into water molecules. This hydrogen purification routine resembles an extremely thorough peeling. During this treatment, any makeup, skin impurities and dead skin cells are removed.


  1. Cavitation peeling.

Dead epidermal cells constitute an additional barrier in the migration of the skin. Therefore, proper exfoliation is one of the most important stages of all care. Peeling consists of exfoliating the outer layer of the skin, which is a painless cleansing. The procedure is performed with a spatula that produces ultrasonic waves. These waves in the presence of a liquid (water or tonic) spread on the surface of the skin, creating microscopic bubbles filled with diluted gas. The bubbles, caused by the ultrasonic vibrations, enlarge and burst rapidly. This breaks down dead skin cells, sebum and blackheads. Additionally, cavitation peeling sterilizes the skin by fighting bacteria responsible for the formation of blackheads. It is enriched with micro-massage, which improves microcirculation, oxygenation and penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Ultrasonic peeling also prepares the skin for other cosmetic treatments, by enabling more effective absorption of cosmetics.


  1. Oxygenation – Oxygen infusion.

The fact is, properly oxygenated skin becomes radiant and looks younger. Furthermore, O2 improves microcirculation, which supports the absorption of the active ingredient and is essential in the production of elastin and collagen. During the treatment, we introduce active ingredients into the skin. This nourishes the skin and protects it against more, excessive formations of free radicals. Oxygen infusion is a non-invasive, painless procedure performed to rejuvenate the skin. It is based on the technology of hyperbaric oxygen, through which active ingredients (for example, from serum) are delivered deep into the skin. Ampoules in cosmetics are properly selected to the type and needs of the skin to ensure optimal effects and safety of the treatment. The serum that contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid, combines collagen and elastin fibres which guarantees the skin a youthful appearance, firmness and smoothness.


  1. Active ingredient infusion – Needle-free mesotherapy. 

After thorough cleansing and oxygenation of the skin, it is essential to properly protect the skin against re-formation of free radicals and adverse effects of the external environment (temperature, pollution, UV, etc.). The best protection for our skin are antioxidants, since they react with free radicals in order to protect cells against them. This results in anti-ageing effects. The ultrasound head encourages the transport of active ingredients deep into the skin. This takes place with the help of hair follicles and sweat glands. During this, heat is generated and penetrates into the tissues. This results in increased permeability of cell membranes, activation of cellular metabolism, and increased cell respiration. Ultrasonic vibrations are used on the deeper layers of the skin, with a bio stimulating micro-massage. This improves microcirculation and lymph flow, as well as the pH level of acidified tissues. Fibroblasts are stimulated to collagen and elastin biosynthesis. The use of ultrasound is much more effective than a manual injection of substances. This is because active compounds are able to cross barriers such as the hydro-lipid layer and cell membranes by penetrating into the layers of the epidermis.


  1. Turning on the active ingredients – bipolar radio wave. 

The frequency of ultrasound causes the cells to vibrate, this causes friction and a thermal effect. The muscles and the skin structures get relaxed while the blood and lymph circulation is stimulated. This has a direct impact on the improvement of metabolism and cell regeneration. The relaxed structures of the skin are prepared to get the active ingredient into the intercellular space – and thus increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The high-frequency current creates a thermal effect in the tissue, heating it to a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. The heat propagation spreads to a depth of about 4 mm, causing the effect of increased stimulation and tension of the collagen fibre. This causes the skin to become tighter and more elastic.


  1. Cold massage 

Afterwards, we will use a cooling massage that soothes the skin, shrinks the blood vessels and eliminates any redness.


  1. LED mask procedure

Depending on the skin’s condition, the treatment will end with a LED mask procedure. This is highly helpful for acne, skin relaxation and wrinkles. 


How often should you have HydraFacial?

Depending on the severity of your condition, this treatment can be repeated every month. However, most clients will be satisfied with the results after just one treatment. Our Beauty Laser Clinic offers a deal – after 5 treatments, you get the 6th one for free! 


HydraFacial results.

This treatment will give you fast and long-term results, with healthier and younger looking skin. The most effective improvements can be observed for acne, fine lines, age spots and hyper-pigmentation.


Does HydraFacial hurt?

The clients at Beauty Laser Clinic will receive the best service during the HydraFacial treatment. It will be based on a gentle and relaxing process that doesn’t create any discomfort or pain.

HydraFacial aftercare.

It is essential to take care of the skin after the treatment. This can be done by cleaning the skin right after the treatment and often moisturizing it for a week afterwards. To help with that further, Beauty Laser Clinic recommends using a gentle cleanser. Furthermore, you should avoid picking on dead skin since that could result in scarring, and you should use sunscreen SPF 30 for a few days after the treatment.  


HydraFacial side effects.

Your skin may feel more sensitive than usual after the treatment, however, this will only last a couple of hours. You may also experience some swelling, especially around your eyes or lips. This should also disappear in a short amount of time.  

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