Medical pedicure

Special care for diabetics

Putting clamps on ingrown nails and nail reconstruction available as separate treatments.

Pleasant and clean medical pedicure treatments that include:

  • Clipping nails.
  • Removal of dead skin(milling machine).
  • Removal of corns and calluses.
  • Peeling.
  • The cosmetic is adjusted depending on the type of skin.
  • Possibility to paint the nail.
  • Satisfying results guaranteed.
  • Effective and safe equipment.

Special offer for our lovely customers – Klenz disinfection for free!

Price list:

Clipped nails

  • Trimming nails is a safe and careful treatment.
  • Results in satisfying nail condition.
  • Trusted and safe equipment.

Price list:

Nail reconstruction

  • Treatment is based on medical procedures.
  • Results in temporary or permanent reconstruction of the nail.
  • Satisfying and fine finish.
  • Effective and trusted materials that are antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Both clamps for ingrown nails and reconstruction of the nail is available but as a separate treatment.

Price list:

Corn removal

  • This treatment helps to get rid of painful imprint and gain back the skin comfort.
  • Fulfilling results that will help to get rid of unpleasant discomfort when walking.
  • Easy treatment with safe and effective equipment.

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  • This treatment will focus on removing painful skin lesions.
  • Helps to get rid of burning foot sensation that happens while walking.
  • Results in healthier and satisfying skin.
  • Trusted and safe equipment.

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Cracked heels

  • This treatment removes excessive amount of unhealthy skin.
  • Results in smooth and clear skin.
  • The results can be visible after one treatment.
  • More than one treatment is recommended depending on how bad is the condition of the heels and personal needs.
  • Effective and safe equipment.

Price list:

Clamps for ingrown nails

  • Helps to heal the ingrown nails.
  • Effective process with easy to use material.
  • Painless and satisfying results.
  • Both clamps for ingrown nails and reconstruction of the nail is available but as a separate treatment.

Price list:

Plastic £45

Plastic with metal £65

Metal £65

Shoe and garment disinfection

  • Satisfying treatment for your beautiful shoes, clothing and other precious belongings.
  • Fast process which effectively treats against bacteria and fungus.
  • No damage guaranteed.
  • Results are fresh and deodorised.
  • Kills unpleasant smells and provides pleasingly surprising results.
  • Proved to reduce bacteria and fungus found in shoes and socks up 99.7%.
  • The sanitizing abilities of the equipment used are praised by podologists all around the world.

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