The most effective and satisfying treatment centre in Lincolnshire – Beauty Laser Clinic. You can find our address just down the road in the Lincoln city centre. We provide a range of skin treatments like facial and whole-body in a quick course of time. The salon is local and offers medical and professional use of skincare with its advanced, high-quality products that will ensure to please needs of the clients.

Why choose Beauty Laser Clinic?

  • We offer treatments for different kinds of skin

Our therapy provides a treatment that is suitable for different skin types and facial skincare with satisfactory results that reduce redness. 

  • There is a full range of services available in the Beauty Laser Clinic

We offer treatments that are suitable for treating many rosacea symptoms including the flushed face, visible blood vessels and a face rash. The IPL light does not cause any harm to facial hair, wrinkles and veins so most facial treatments are safe

  • The Beauty Laser Clinic is safe and has experienced care

Our dermatologist is professional and trained. We will make sure to provide a medical treatment that will help to give you the best natural look free of redness within a few minutes. 

  • The Beauty Laser Clinic uses leading IPL-RF Laser

We are going to be using safe products and a high technology IPL-RF type of laser which is the best on the market in treating the rosacea condition.

Main advantages of the rosacea treatment that our we can offer

This laser treatment is one of the most popular methods for treating and it provides very satisfying and effective results. The most known advantages are:

  • Long term effects and a healthy-looking skin
  • A quick process that reduces a variety of facial redness
  • Satisfying even for people with sensitive skin
  • Encourages beneficial use of skin care

Which area of the body to choose when considering the laser skin treatment of rosacea?

The most common facial areas are the nose and cheeks, however, we can also offer a full-face treatment. Other areas could include places like the neck, chest or decolletage. We recommend a consultation with a dermatologist that may provide advice and ideal treatment area. The IPL light does not cause any harm to facial hair, wrinkles and veins so most facial treatments are safe. Our Lincoln laser clinic can provide a helpful consultation so don’t hesitate to contact us!

This procedure is not based on treating acne conditions, as that is done as a separate acne treatment.

Review of the rosacea laser treatment:

Laser removal is one of the best ways to treat rosacea and will make sure to provide intense facial redness removal. Leading to the first treatment, Beauty Laser Clinic recommends to see and consult a dermatologist which may help to assess what is your skin condition which can then help you to determine which area of the body to treat and what is the most suitable way to do so. Usually, the course of this procedure will depend on the selected body area. 

This laser treatment offers a medical procedure which will use a carefully selected system of equipment in order to satisfy the clients and their skin. The Beauty Laser Clinic will be using the IPL-RF type of laser which is safe and effective for your skin condition. 

Following the process, the laser can be used for visible blood vessels and thread veins which it will treat through shrinking them. The laser uses light energy which is then pulsed in order to target the blood vessels. Although the light energy is being pulsed, the skin surrounding treated area is not harmed and it results in clearer appearance without unwanted blemishes of red. The experience is going to last about 10-20 minutes depending on the area treated and is not going to cause much pain.  

This process will encourage a natural reduction in symptoms which can effectively last up to five years depending on the number of treatments that were undertaken. For the best results, our clinic advises under-taking around three treatments, however, this will be up to different skin conditions and personal likings.

For any additional information, we recommend contacting us or a doctor in order to gain a clear understanding of how rosacea is treated.

What is after the rosacea removal process?

Usually, people experience some new redness after the treatment but this tends to fade away within one or two weeks. In order to reduce any discomfort, Beauty Laser clinic advises applying ice into the treated areas to soothe any pain. If there is an unusual reaction straight after, we will make sure to review it.

The recovery time may vary depending on different conditions and should be decided during your consultation, however, a return to your regular routine is the most likely. During the recovery time, we recommend that the patient avoids regular sun exposure. Also, it is crucial to remember that rosacea treatment does not provide permanent result but they are long-lasting as its effects are expected to last up to 5 years and it can be used to control the rosacea condition.

Patients suffering from slight blood vessels may expect about 1 to 2 treatments in between 8 to 10 weeks time. However, patients with intense redness may need a longer course of treatment which is usually 2 to 4 treatments.

If unsure about your first treatment, contact our therapy centre as we can offer a highly helpful consultation.

What are the risks of rosacea removal treatments?

Damage to the skin

The risk of damage to the skin is very low as the laser technology does not harm any skin surrounding the place of treatment as well as any facial hair. Beauty Laser clinic offers high safety for your medical treatments. The IPL light does not cause any harm to facial hair, wrinkle lines and veins so most facial treatments are safe.

Side effects of the treatment

There are not many side effects from the lase rosacea removal treatment and they depend on the severity of the condition, skin types and the post-treatment use of skincare.

Possible side effects are mild, including rash, itching and skin irritation, however, these side effects will usually disappear in a quick time. Sometimes, patients experience new red patches or irritations post-treatment due to the treated area having high sun exposure. We recommend to see and speak to a dermatologist if there experiencing the appearance of a burned face or any symptoms of burning post the laser treatment.

Rare side effects of the treatments can be like minor pigmentation, bruising or blistering, however, these are nothing of concern unless further issues start to develop in which case we recommend consulting a doctor.

What are the results of the rosacea removal treatments?

Beauty Laser Clinic will please you with the dramatic results. The patients are guaranteed to see their skin look clearer, brighter and have a smooth finish to it without any red patches. Although the effects are not permanent our system of treatments will help you to gain clear skin and control your condition. It is recommended to repeat the treatment for a number of times depending on skin types and conditions. The results do not turn out the same way for everyone. For most people, the effects can last up to 5 years and it can be used to control the rosacea condition. 

This procedure is not based on treating acne conditions, as that is done as a separate acne treatment.

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