• This treatment can be used on any body area where there is excess skin.
  • Safe and advanced equipment providing anti-wrinkle effects without surgery.
  • Results in healthier and younger looking skin.
  • The results last a minimum of 3 years!
  • Perfect for treating eye and smoker’s wrinkles; it can even uplift the eyelids.
  • May require several treatments.
  • Prices for removing or minimizing stretch marks and scars is decided during individual consultations, as these depend on the size of such.

A patch test (£20) is required for this treatment to test for any allergies.

Price list:

Upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) £300
Upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) & brow lift £450
Under eyes £300
Crows feet £245
Brow lift £350
Upper/lower eyes (blepharoplasty) – including crows feet £600
Full neck £800
Part neck £450
Decolletage creases & rejuvenation £500
Nasolabial folds £250
Upper lip (smokers lines) £400  
Upper/lower lips to chin area £650
Jowl lift £600
Full face £1900
Hands £350
Elbows £700
Upper arms £1100
Knees £700
Rejuvenation treatment for acne scarring £155
Rejuvenation treatment for acne scarring course of 3 £300
Skin tag removal (first one) £65
After first treatment £10
Warts (first one) £65
After first treatment £10
Prices for removing or minimising stretch marks and scars are decided during individual consultations.