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Why choose Beauty Laser Clinic?

The Beauty Laser Clinic is safe and has experienced care

We accept nothing but the best from our work. Our therapist is professionally trained and will ensure to provide special foot care that will help to give you the best results for your fungal nail infection.

The Beauty Laser Clinic uses leading YAG laser

The salon is going to be using the YAG type of laser which is the best on the market for a fungal nail infection affecting toenails and fingernails. It is also highly recommended by specialists as it is perfectly suitable to treat your feet and infection fungal appearing on the nails.

The Beauty Laser Clinic provides effective results

The fungal nail treatment kills toe’s and/or finger’s nail fungus rather than treating only the symptoms of it. In some cases, it is a better choice than nail surgery because it avoids unpleasant requirements such as injections, but it can still provide you with satisfying results.

Main advantages of the fungal nail treatment that our salon can offer

  • Recent data proves that long term effects are almost guaranteed with this treatment., Over 95% of clients are infection free after just 3 months.
  • Quick and not a very painful process; one session lasts around 15 minutes per hand/foot to effectively treat the fungal infection on fingernails and toenails.
  • It can be satisfying to treat fungal nail even for patients with sensitive skin and ingrown toe nail.
  • Helps you to gain your confidence back and feel more comfortable with wearing open footwear and having more nail treatment care.
  • In some cases, it is a better choice than nail surgery with a doctor because it avoids unpleasant requirements such as injections, but it can still provide you with satisfying results.

Causes and symptoms

What causes fungal nail infection?

The fungal infection of a toenail is referred to as onychomycosis, but the fungal nail infections are caused by dermatophytes fungus. This kind of nail infections are very common and a high number of people are infected by them. This infection is likely to appear on nails, feet and hands. The factors that cause those infections vary and there is no one in particular that is causing them.

The most common reasons that develop fungal nail or make it spread further are:

  • Bad health care or health conditions like diabetes or cancer.
  • Often occurring damage to fingernails or toenails.
  • Wearing warm shoes and different types of foot wear for a long time which results in the feet getting hot and sweaty.
  • Your relatives or friends often getting nail infections.
  • Having wet nails for a long time.
  • Steroid therapy.
  • Hormonal imbalance.

Children, pregnant women and elderly people are the most likely to develop fungal nail and other nail infections.

If you often experience nail infections this could mean that you have an untreated athlete’s foot. This condition can spread to nails and cause fungal nail infection. We recommend having a consultation with our salon and decide what is the best course of action to treat your condition and whether the fungal nail treatment is an appropriate one.

If you are suffering from any nail infections then it is important that you take great care to prevent the spread of such. These conditions, including fungal nail infection, are often highly infectious so spreading them is easy and can come unnoticeable. We suggest you were sandals when attending swimming pools and don’t share your foot wear with friends or relatives.

What are the symptoms of fungal nail infection?

Common symptoms of onychomycosis and infection fungal are:

  • Thickened nails which lift up from the toe or finger.
  • Dull nail without any shine to it.
  • Discolouration of the nails – the nail becoming blue, purple or brown.
  • Distorted shape of the nail.
  • Brittle or crumbly nails.
  • Itching and peeling skin.
  • Redness and vascular eruptions or spots on the skin.

If unsure about your first fungal nail treatment, don’t hesitate to call our Beauty Laser Clinic as we can offer a highly helpful consultation regarding fungal nails and further information regarding it.

Review of the fungal nail laser treatment

Before the treatment, it is important that the patients follow some instructions to prevent nail infections further. Following the treatment, the patient should bring new socks to wear afterwards, advisably these should be made out of cotton material. That will prevent the nail from getting infection fungal again. Furthermore, our salon offers a deep clean of patient’s shoes which will be done using Clens – this kills and decontaminates shoe bacteria and fungus. Also, The laser cannot penetrate through nail polish so it is important that the client removes it before the session. Lastly, the nails should be clipped to a reasonably short length so that the laser can effectively target the infection.

Firstly, the treatment begins with a close assessment of the feet and nails in order to establish the factors which have caused the nails to be infected. This is part of the medical consultation which helps to establish how bad the condition is and whether further appointments will be needed.

The treatment begins with the laser being targetted onto the entire nail. It emits pulses of energy that produce heat which the patient will be able to feel but this should be pain free. The therapist will use a circular motion while the treatment device is emitting pulses of energy, which will be applied point by point to make sure that the nail is fully covered. The heat will go through the feet’s nail to its nail bed in order to target fungus. The heat of the laser inhibits the growth of the fungus which can then be destroyed. Sometimes, the fungus is beyond the nail bed so it has to be removed in all of the skin tissue that surrounds the nail so that reoccurrence can be effectively prevented.

The sessions don’t take a long time with one treatment lasting around 15 minutes per hand or foot.

Fungal nail treatments are done with extra care at the Beauty Laser Clinic, which is why the laser energy may not be enough to destroy all of the skin tissue or all of the fungus. Some of the infection may survive one treatment so we recommend considering multiple treatments depending on the severity of your fungus condition. The appointments should be at intervals of about 6 weeks.

It can take a couple of months to cure the infection fully but the sterilizing effect of the laser effectively prevents new fungus from appearing on the feet nails.

The laser treatments are not suitable for pregnant women.

What is after the fungal nail laser treatment?

After the first session, the client should take great care in preventing the infection from returning to the nail. Beauty Laser Clinic advises to buy new socks and bleach the used ones or throw them out. Also, because of the hot and sweaty environment that’s inside most of the shoes, patients should wear open foot wear such as sandals. Further nail care that will prevent the fungal nail infection from returning includes:

  • Throw out old shoes that could be infected.
  • Wear socks when you wear warm shoes that cause the feet to get hot and sweaty.
  • Change your socks regularly and wear clean ones every day.
  • Wash your feet regularly with close attention to the infected toe.
  • Buy new cosmetic nail care as the old one may be infected.

If unsure about your first fungal nail treatment, contact our salon as we can offer a highly helpful consultation regarding fungal nails and further care for such.

What are the risks of fungal nail treatment?

Feet/ toes discomfort

Clients may feel warm sensations during the treatment which links with the laser heat being transmitted. These could continue after the treatment but they are not likely to be painful and should disappear within a few days.

Common side effects

Most clients don’t experience any side effects. In some cases, the treated area may be slightly swollen and red around the nail. No serious side effects are likely to develop, it is very unlikely for patients to experience scarring or blistering. Most side effects should disappear within 72 hours.

What are the results of the fungal nail treatment?

We accept nothing but the best results to offer you with this treatment.

The course of the treatment will have to take few months in order to be fully effective. Most successful results can be expected after around 3 months but it may take up to 12 months until the nail grows out and the results can be fully observed.

Results include without the nail infections:

  • Nails free of discolouration nails.
  • Healthier skin around the treated nail.
  • Naturally smooth and shiny texture of the nail free of thickness or bumps.
  • The foot is healthy and can feel more comfortable in shoes.
  • No risk of infecting friends or family and spreading fungal nail infection.
  • Long term results.
  • Most of the infection is gone within the first few months.
  • In some cases, it is a better choice than nail surgery because it avoids unpleasant requirements such as injections, but it can still provide you with satisfying results.
  • Over 95% of clients are infection free after just 3 months.

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